» What's a clique?
A clique is simply a site dedicated to whatever subject (in this case pokemon) where people can sign up and show their apprecciation for the subject of the clique. This clique in particular is a claiming clique, because you can claim your pokemon and show off what you've claimed. All in all, cliques are generally fun to make and mantain.

» Why Pokemon?
I've always been obsessed with Pokemon one way or another, since I was just a little girl. I loved the anime, the games and, of course, the creatures themselves. When I head of Amassment's Clique Happy event, I had restarted playing Soul Silver and thought a Pokemon claiming clique would be an amazing idea, given how many people are into Pokemon. Hopefully lots of fans will join this clique!

» Why 'Type: Wild'?
"Type: Wild" is one of the Japanese songs of the anime of Pokemon. I liked how it sounded and I thought it was a good name for this clique, because all of us webmasters are 'wild' types - you can't really catch us! But we can claim our favourite pokemon. Overall I liked the way it sounded and decided to use it.

Type: Wild © Chibi.
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Pokemon & all its characters © Satoshi Taijiri.
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