Here are some rules you should read before joining. If you break them, I'll have to remove you from the rotation, so please make sure you understand them and always follow them!

• When joining please include your name/nickname, valid email address, URL of your site and bishoujo of your choice.

• Three claims per person. You cannot claim more than three pokemon character. You also cannot claim a pokemon that's already been claimed by someone else. This clique is 'first come, first served', so do not start fights if the pokemon you want has already been claimed. (This rule might change in the future, depending how many people join the rotation.)

• You can change your claim if you wish, just as long as the other pokemon you want has not been claimed yet.

• Put the code up immediately after joining. I check my email quite often and, if I don't find the code, you won't be added.

• Put the code somewhere visible - either the homepage or a page called 'Cliques/Joined' or something of the sort.

• I will accept any site in any language, as long as it's not commercial or does not contain any hentai/hating contents. I reserve the right not to add you if I think your site is not suitable for the rotation. I will not, however, accept social networking sites (such as facebook, twitter, etc.), but I will accept journals or other sites where the code is visible.

After you have read and understood the rules, feel free to grab the code and join! :D

Type: Wild © Chibi.
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Pokemon & all its characters © Satoshi Taijiri.
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